These products are available instore only.

Massage Balls   $20

Do you get sore tired feet, why not roll the ball under your feet to relieve tension from standing all day.

You can use the spikey balls on your body to help relieve tension in spots. You can use the ball on your gluts if they are sore / tight from working out. If you get tension between your Scapula (shoulder blades), when working, why not take it to work & use it between breaks. All you need is a wall or chair, then gently apply your own pressure to the area.


Foam Roller 90cm  $55

This is a self myofasicial release (self massage) tool that people use at the gyms after they have exercised to help stretch out the muscles. You can use the foam roller to massage your ITB, QUAD, HAMSTRING muscles plus many more. It can also help with the connective tissue in the body to move.

Sunlighten Sauna’s

We are a re-seller to clients if they are interested in purchasing a Sunlighten Sauna. For more details on Sunlighten Sauna’s just visit their website at

We don’t sell parts for Saunas. If your looking for a part that isn’t Sunlighten you will have to contact the seller where you purchased the sauna. If it is a Sunlighten Sauna product, we can help you with the parts.

If your interesting in purchasing a sauna, contact Sunlighten  Sauna call 1800 786 544 & ask for Jenny, for a voucher you maybe interested in & bring it along to your next session.


ROWO gel        50ml $15  100ml $25

Herbal Sports Gel – natural therapeutic product listed by the TGA.

Active ingredients include Peppermint Oil, Arnica, Echinacea, Chamomile and Witch Hazel.

The gel gives relief for Tenonitis, Muscle Tears, Sprains, Over Use Injuries, Bruising, Painful Necks and Backs. It is cooling and gentle to the skin.

It has a pleasant peppermint fragrance and is non-staining and non-greasy. The gel is used by adults and children and is external use only. It is manufactured in Germany.


Wheat Bags.

Wheat bags are able to be posted out to you upon request.

Regular Comforter Wheat Bag $23

26cm x 20cm rectangular Wheat bag. It is 100% Western Australia Lupin product. Not treated with chemicals. Can be used for heat or cold. 99%allergy free. Comes in Purple, Aqua, Blue and Red. Current stock 1 Purple, 1 Aqua




Neck Wrap Wheat Bag.  $32

600g Wheat bag that can be worn under jumpers. Easy to walk around with this around neck, no need to hold onto.






Neck Collar Wheat Bag $35

Length 61cm     Width 15cm

Provides relief around the nape of the neck. Able to walk around hands free.


CoolCore Sports Chill Towel  $19.95


The chill towels are the perfect accessory for those fitness fanatics or those who struggle with the heat & temperature regulation. Coolcore fabric technology provides 4 main benefits

  1. Up to 30% cooler than skin temperature
  2. Dries soft
  3. Chemical free
  4. UPF 50%

To activate the cooling, simply wet the towel , wring out the excess water & provide air circulation by waving or “snapping”, the towel. As long as the towel has moisture & airflow present, the cooling benefit will remain active.

Towel dimensions :  38cm X 91cm

Care instructions  : Re-usable & machine washable. Please don’t use fabric softer.

Colours : Black, Diva Blue, Fuchsia